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Indy's finest teams

I have been a fan of semi pro football for several years now, I think I can safely say I've seen and heard it all.
The people of Indianapolis should be proud to have two of the top teams in not only Indiana but the entire United States. Will they play each other???? who knows, would be be a great game??? I'm positive it would.
The trouble they are in different leagues so a game is out of the question until at least October. I don't think either team is ducking the other as so many have said on these boards. It would be a treat for any football fan to see them play. Great coaching staffs, great players who are committed, and loyal fans what more could you ask for.
The Tornadoes do much for the community and they are an excellent organization. They play hard each week and their league doesn't hassle them like the Generals league hassles them. I have seen both thes eteams play and I believe the Tornadoes are in a much better and much more professionally operated league.
What really bothers me is all the negative talk regarding these two teams both are undefeated for right now, but I did just see a post on the MSFL message board guaranteeing a Springfield victory on Saturday night over the Indiana Generals, even went so far as to say he was glad there would be no excuses when they dropped a loss on the Generals.
Those are pretty strong words coming from a player on a team that is 2-3 and has a rather long road trip coming up on Saturday. The Generals have the Roscoe Rush next weekend, maybe this player knows something he isn't telling. My bet is the MSFL does not want to see the Generals go unbeaten. I can't imagine for the likes of me why in the world a player would guarantee a win like that, I mean there is confidence and then there is stupidity.
I would hope that the Generals would play their game and not back off as they have done the past couples of weeks. Seems that being nice isn't earning them any respect in their new league.
Good luck to both the Tornadoes and Generals may you both go unbeaten and rep the people of Indy well