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Concessions at games

Here is a littel something that should go over as light hearted and fun.
Who has the best concession stands and why, the games at this level are always played during the hottest months of the year and concessions are a big part of making the game fun for the fans. We all have been to games where there was no concession stand and that happens nothing can be done it isn't easy to operate one, so lets hear who has the best and maybe give an example of why you think so.
The Indy Generals are my favorite on the games I was there they had a vendor for concessions and the food was top notch very good and cooked on site, one of the best brats I've had in a while, and their smoothies are out of this world, shaved ice wasn't bad either. The only negative is the line can sometimes be long they only had two people working the stand but in all fairness it is a giant step above last year when they were running out of even water and pop before halftime and didn't have any food either.
My second choice would have to be the Wildcats they have a pretty good concession set up as well. You know food and football go hand in hand and it makes the games much more enjoyable to have something to eat while watching the games. Thank you to all teams who provide concessions.