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CRFL Week 8 Predictions: August 27, 2011

Week 7 had a few surprises. Force dodged a bullet, narrowly defeating the now 1-6 Knights/Toledo Raiders. I see a rematch in the playoffs. The Warriors beat the Crush in OT and continued their momentum toward the playoffs.

Playoffs are in sight! Week 8, here we go!

CRFL Game of the Week
Cardinals @ Stallions
This has all the makings of game of the week. Cardinals have been flying high all year, with the exception of a 3 point triple OT loss to the Renegades. The Stallions have quietly raced out to a 4-1 start. Cardinals may still be too much for the guys from Ohio.

Prediction: Cardinals 31-21

Revolution @ Warriors
One team is struggling to find the W column, the other is begging for respect. After a promising 3-0 start, the Revolution have disappointingly dropped their last 3, 90-21. After merginging two terrible teams, the Warriors have won 2 straight and they won't stop until they gain the respect they publicly beg for weekly. You'd think these guys were not used to winning.. oh wait?! Keep winning and the respect will come. I've got your back this week.

Prediction: Warriors 34-21

Renegades @ Vipers
The defending champs are playing well since starting 1-2. The Vipers just won their 2nd game of the year, barely. This one may get ugly.

Prediction: Renegades 35-12

Force @ Raiders
This will be a good 'ole friendly "rivalry". Former players playing against former teams on both sides. Got to give the Raiders credit for playing short all year but continually playing hard, hats off guys. The Force may be 6-0 but have yet to find their groove, which is good and bad news. Good that they're still undefeated without much offensive help and bad for the rest of the league for when they DO hit stride. Good, fun, clean contest here.

Prediction: Force 30-0

Blitz @ Crush
ASSUMING the Blitz actually PLAY this game.. The Crush have dropped their last 2 after a dominating 3-game, 116-0 winning streak. This week breathes a sign of relief for the Crush.

Prediction: Crush 42-6

I'm pretty sure the Cardinals and Force have clinched playoff spots in their respective conferences, but I'll have to double check. This week may be the most lopsided collection of games of the season, but we'll see! Everyone keep up the hard work! Good luck!

Re: CRFL Week 8 Predictions: August 27, 2011

Revolution @ Warriors
Warriors are on the finally have a offence that can move the ball. Their defense alwasy been good now even better with not so many players going both ways. Their special team is solid with a kicker with ice in his veins. The revolution started hot then froze.
Warriors win 38-14

Cardinals @ Stallions
Cardinals might just be the best team in the league when they play a complete game. Their defense is ridiculous stallions have talent but are young.

Cards win 27-10

Renegades @ Vipers
No matter your feeling on the Renegades those boys know how to play ball. Vipers well sorry Vance Taylor cant win a game by himself.

Renegades win 42-7

Force @ Raiders
Force not as good as their record shows but still have talent Raiders have heart but not the man power.

Force wins 38-0

Blitz @ Crush.
Well this game wont be played at the blitz home field so the game should be played. Crush rebound after heart breaking ot loss to warriors with big win.
Crush win 36-6

Re: CRFL Week 8 Predictions: August 27, 2011

Warriors 27- Revolution 0