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Re: How do you get a chance to win a national championship?

Triggs is correct. You typically have to win your league or at least be a highly respectable second. (Example, I played on one team that won the Chicagoland football league, but the Panthers of that same year were 12-2 so thjey also got a bid)

The invite usually comes as you start to make noise in your league, hitting your 8-3, 9-2 or higher mark, and beating respectable teams.

Then after that, you start playing the best of the best from the entire USA, and its no joke, you play the best.

Jim Nugent and Cheri Kardas( get well soon, Cheri ) have much to do with the invites but others are involved also.

And Triggs, I agree with 99% of everything you say about the most indiana teams and tournaments, But Ive been on one Indiana team that earned it, got invited & went - the '03 Southbend Stampede - and I think the (gees, am I really going to say this date?) '95 River City Rhino's got a bid, but not sure.

That Hurricanes team was some bad mother lovers!


Re: How do you get a chance to win a national championship?

I agree with Lima and gridiron4life...

One, win your league and beat good opponents in the preseason or inter-league games on your bye weeks or off weeks... Get invited to Homestead and play a "National Championship" game... Thats most likely a AA championship... we did that with the Hoosier Hurricanes in '05 in the OVFL... we beat a good Hardin Co. Wolverine team and the Charlotte (MI) Roughrider's to play in Homestead (FL)...

Two, win your league and finish at the top of the Semi-Pro BCS polls... Get invited to the BCS bowl game... Once again, you'll be a "National Champion" of some sorts.. kinda like the Rocket City Titans (Huntville, AL) did last year...

Three , well let's just say... the Win or go home way... The GDFL has the most legitimate playoff syatem in Minor League football... 90 teams, 32 spots... No matter what your record is, everyone starts the playoff season 0-0... The last man standing, is not only the National Champion, but the best minor league football team in the nation... (with the only valid argument coming from them teams in California)... real talk.

In Conclusion, it all depends on if you want to wear a ring that really means what it says... National Champion... National Champion... National Champion...