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Re: CRFL guy or anyone

The current playoff seeding is located on the CRFL website under standings. It also list all the tiebreakers, and the bracket including how each team is selected for the home team.

Re: CRFL guy or anyone

honestly I think they really dont matter to be honest. with the warriors winning and the blitz not winning they will be out of the playoffs anyway. and the games of these last couple weeks really dont determine much so they games that they forfieted or have to reply other than the stallion game really doesnt make a diff. REALLY. BUT I MEAN THE BLITZ GOTTA COME UP WITH SOMETHING IF THEY GONNA FINISH THE SEASON OR NOT. INSTEAD OF FORFIETING AT THE LAST MINUTE OR CALLING GAMES.

Re: CRFL guy or anyone

You are absolutely right cam

Re: CRFL guy or anyone

These last couple games mean a lot more than you may think. Once you're in the playoffs, everyone's undefeated. However, getting in is half the battle. The Warriors currently sit at the 3rd seed 1/2 game up on the Revolution and only ONE game up on the Blitz. That also means that the Blitz are only 1/2 game behind the Revolution for the last playoff spot. Basically, if the Blitz ever find their way to a field it could get interesting.

Three teams fighting for 2 spots. In typical CR Guy fashion I'll give my prediction:

Indiana Conference will stay as it currently stands 1. Renegades
2. Cardinals
3. Warriors
4. Revolution

And over in the Buckeye state, that last spot is getting interesting too. That 4 seed will come down to Vipers 2-6, Knights 1-6, and Raiders 1-6. As it stands right now, the #4 seed is the Vipers to lose, but don't sleep on a late season surge by the Knights or Raiders.

1. Force
2. Stallions
3. Crush
4. Vipers