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Re: Vipers

Big Rich, what the $%^$ did you say in your paragraph, onna? Who plays more dedicated to me? I do not know who you are but perhaps the reason you are not talented is because you did not pay attention in English class in high school. Worst case of bad english in 2011 so far!

yea man like i said yo you are a clown whom sits behind a computer all day, and rights these little quotes. dude let me tell you this like i said before i am here to play ball not go back n forth with you so as far as you talking about these teams im sure you are nothing compared to even the worst on whichever squad... so with that being said im do with the comments.. o yea not to mention what i type is short hand dummy learn that in eanglish fag

Re: Vipers

o yea by the way iv played from d line back to saftey for the vipers, o line sumback field even lined up @ slot one play.. and smashed of the jam and in the back of the endzone.. besides that i will reenterate that i am not the best but i dont think any body can question my heart and playing like i say i may not be as fast as vance or move like him might not be able 2 catch every ball that comes to me or smash everyball carrier or pancake every block but kno what i do is a passion to me and it is what ive done since pee wee football thru middle and high school so before u point blame or say sum off the wall kno what ur sayin 1st

Re: Vipers

Hey, Im the kicker from the Warriors and I just want to say good luck this coming week. Hopefully we keep it clean and respectful. God Bless.

Re: Vipers

Stallionsup must not be a stallion... And if he is he speaks for himself!