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Re: MIchiana Warriors

Who have the Cards beat? Or the Gades? The league is wide open and anyone can win it.

Re: MIchiana Warriors

Hey Warriors DO NOT get sucked in by all of this BS
people are going to say and think what they will and the only way to shut them up is to get out on that field every game and play hard, then chances are some are still going to have something bad to say.

You know what they say "you can show them better then you can tell them"

and Warriors you have alot left to show.

Re: MIchiana Warriors

cards beat warriors and the gades will beat warriors case closed

Re: MIchiana Warriors

yeah i do just look at it this way and the gades would agree the two team that were put together were lacking depth we got depth in all positions now we can contend with anyone they would agree wih that and nothing against vance which i heard was a great player he cant do it alone he knows that if his team merge with say the crush they could be in th same situation.look what it all boils down to is who wants it more i know we do and how we are steamrolling right now its going to take alot to stop us i mean alzt i can tell ur just a fan since you where kicked off areteam jake so please stophatin you could be apart of this now i dont kno you personally but from what i heard fuck you anyway but if this isnt jake im sorry but it really dosent matter