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Re: No Shows and quiting

I was trying to be humorous about our break down. I think when a team is 9-0 (IFL) and can't make a game because of an unfortunate event like that, its a heck of a lot more believable. ;)

Re: No Shows and quiting

Yeah guys that is a real bummer and yes I know your bus did break and it wasn't your fault and I hope you didn't think I was talking about you and your team because you guys are doing it right.
Each league has a team that when they show up on your schedule you wonder silently " will they show up" or "will they finish the game" those are the ones that are the absolute worse and frankly nothing is ever done to them.
I mean come on now home teams always try to put on a nice event for their fans and when someone does a no show it is our fans who suffer.