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Who's it gonna be?

Alrighty then, the playoffs are upon us and I want to from anybody that wants to be involved, who you think the 2 teams from each league will be playing for the championships, then who the champion of each league will be. This is just for fun so don't get out of hand!

Re: Who's it gonna be?

Renegades vs Force CRFL Championship ?
Wildcats Cutters Champions Wildcats No doubt all year.
Tornados will win their Championship
The Generals could play for a championship but with their league its a bit harder to tell now that they lost.

Re: Who's it gonna be?

I hope everyone counts the Indiana Generals out! We took a 5 hour road trip with 8 starters missing. We also lost our starting RB & FB in the game.Yes we lost but we will bounce back and be ready! Coach JT is all saying we win or lose with who is @ the game and I respect that but key players make a or break a game @ this level. I know teams are missing players all the time. One game @ a time and next saturday I feel real sorry for the Joliet Bucs!