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Official Prediction Thread For Labor Day Weekend Games- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Good Morning, SupaNation.

Just a few games to call this weekend, but boy are they a couple of doozies! I sure hope those of you who aren't playing are able to rest up and take in some football yourselves! Let's get to it!

West Michigan Force @ Noble County Wolfpack

The Wolfpack are really in many ways the best story of the last few years in the region. A team that started out with a very well organized and well supported organization. This organization was built the right way long before they even considered the X and Os or the roster. That organizational focus has had a quick and substantial yield for this young club. Other new organizations could learn a lot about how to be successful from the Pack. So often at this level, we line up teams with rosters and just assume that the team with the best players will win. One wonders in a situation like that--why even play the games? The Pack have been successful in that they've built a team- an environment in which players get better and the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and that is the real key to success. This weekend, they welcome to town a historical powerhouse in the WM Force, whose only two losses come by close margins to the Pack. It's very hard to beat a team (especially one this good) three times- even with home field advantage. The deal for the Pack is that they must keep their eyes on the prize and I believe they will- winning by the biggest margin of all three games to advance to the GLFL title game.

Wolfpack 20
Force 8

Tennessee Hurricanes @ Indianapolis Tornados

One could spend a great deal of time here on game analysis, but it's really quite simple. The Hurricanes have a much less impressive record in a much weaker division and have a long road trip. It's not conceivable that the hosts will lose. A word, though, echoing what is written above. The Tornados (in this incarnation) have also been an exemplary organization. And I say organization rather than team advisedly. Though the players have changed and even the leadership and management, the organization continues to be an exceptional example of minor-league football. The long term success over the last ten years is much more about that institutional excellence than it is about the pantheon of great athletes who have (absolutely) worn the Tornado uniform. That excellence will continue to pay dividends at least another week.

Tornados 31
Hurricanes 13

Union County Patriots @ Union City Indians

Beef's team will be 3-0 for the first time in more than 25 years in Union City. The Patriots have a solid team with a decent bench and solid coaching, but Beef's got the better squad. The Indians have a very legitimate chance to win the conference for the first time since the 1960s and Maloy knows it. At this point, it is about managing expectations and being sure that his team gets better every week and does not take success for granted as they will likely get to 5-0 before they are challenged.

Indians 26
Patriots 12

That's all I've got for now. Good luck to those who are playing on the field and please take the time to remember and appreciate the working men and women of the country if you're enjoying Labor day with your family. Whatever you do, just be sure to make your mommas proud!

Re: Official Prediction Thread For Labor Day Weekend Games- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

West Michigan Force 17
Noble County Wolfpack 12

Indianapolis Tornados 13
Tennessee Hurricanes 12

Union City HS 21
Union County HS 8