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I love you passion Mr. 97... and to Marion County, good luck... However, I'll say this again (b/c I say this every year). There are only a handful of yahoo's that have the ability to run a successful football program in Indy... the city is too big, the competition is top heavy, the teams are vast in numbers.... the odds are against you, because the top teams... are always going to get the cream of the crop when is comes to players, coached, and management. We, the Torndos, would not be where we are without a good stable of athletes... and a good mix of veterans, young guys, and coaches... and a management staff, annual crop of interns, media relations, and the Tornado following - volunteers, wives, former players, etc... Its a mockary to say - "we want to start our own legacy"... Believe me, Evan Triggs did not start the legacy - he carried on tradition... Carry on Tradition - don't carry on the same mistakes...

That's my opinion...

Thank you for your comments. I would take constructive criticism from you any day of the week. You have been able to run a successfull organization for years now and you're very respected throughout minor league football. Any knowledge I would able to obtain from you would be greatly appreciated. One thing I will tell you about me is that I'm not a quitter. I will do everthing in my power to run a successful team. I don't know everything and I do realize that mistakes will be made. Once again, any knowledge you could provide is greatly appreciated.

J. Morris


I hope you see the big picture. Not sure where you're background is from... I know Mr. 97 is a former Saint/ Viper... I cant imagine how far from that "same outfit" they will grow. Even when notable teams change names but keep the same players - they're really still the same...? Im afraid "you" Mr.97 - dont realize that... Before the Tornados regrouped in '08, my best two moves happen before the idea spawned... In '05, I went and joined the Hurricanes (after the Tornados ceased operations) - that created some new alliances, new exposure to talent in the city... Then in '07 (when the Hurricanes ceased operations) I commuted to Chicago - because all of Indiana was "bush league" - and played for Kane County (Il.)... this allowed me to see how a 1st class multi-National Championship tram operated... needless to say - experience speaks volumes... There is no advice I can give that will make the ship sail smooth for you... just a warning! If you as an org is inapt at any point, whether its on the field, coaching, or management... its over... period. So dont think year 1 - "its bumps and bruises until the next year" - its too late by then... too many sharks in the sea - just ask around...


I understand what your saying triggs. The thing about our situation is those who we felt could help us win is staying. We have talent but with the things we had to endure last season, will give us a better understanding on what to expect and how to go at certain situations. All im doing from my prospective is instilling a winning attitude in my players. All we can do is go up from here. We have a chip on our shoulder, and the only way of getting it off is by going out and winning next year.