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Re: contributing

Ced, don't let yourself get pulled into the 'snowball fight'. There is and will always be folks hiding behind trees and bushes tryin' to get a smacker on ya.

You came on to thank your team mates... mission accomplished. Now just stay focused and don't get caught up in these 'distractions'.

Have fun, stay safe and good luck with the remainder of your season.


Re: contributing

Why cant u say who r? If u could read this properly, u would notice i stated im glad to have a chance. There's a difference of being on a team and being part of a team. I enjoy being a part of a team. If u have a personal issue with me then please get a hold of me.

Re: contributing

Cedrick I'm glad to have you on the team this year. I know its a drive for you to make it to practice but you do it anyway. Don't let others draw you into the crap we don't want to be a part of on the Revolution. See you at practice.

Re: contributing

To mr wake up....
how is it that u guys r so great when u lose every year when it counts the most. Dont cast stones while living in a glass house. U need to wake up get the facts straight, grow some balls n say who u r.

Re: contributing

C'mon tink no need for that. I highly doubt that mr wake up or whatever is from the wolfpack. I feel bad you maybe didn't enjoy things here, by I know you know almost allthe guys and it's a mutual respect amongst everyone. But if for some reason you feel otherwise than it's all good I still respect ya. Good luck the rest of your season