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9-17 This Weekend @ Indiana Semi Pro Football

As the temps start to fall, more and more players are putting the pads away for the season. Just a hand full of games left on the year and lets get to them.

Game of the Week:
Cutters @ Wildcats:

I take a look back and these two teams were my pick for the championship. Week 1 both teams set the tone. The Cutters made a big comeback in the 2011 season after a dismal 2010 season. They only ran into one road block this year and that's been the Wildcats. Since 2005 the Wildcats have only done one thing, and that's improve. Sure they have only one championship in the now defunct MFL but each year they taken a step forward. Now they are one win away from a perfect season, and their second championship. The one thing that can de-rail this team is the very fact they are so good. Ask the past generals, cutters, and this year's wolfpack. it is very, very, very hard to beat a team three times in a row. My prediction will be based on the game flow, a grind them out low scoring game, advantage Cutters, if its a FG to win: Wildcats, if both offenses cut loose, Wildcats. This should be a great game.

MSFL Playoffs start next week:

Stallions @ Force:
The headline game of Ohio, can the Force continue their domination and lock up the home field advantage for the championship, or will the stallions red hot luck continue?

Blitz @ Vipers: The Vipers have all intentions to lock up the 4th seed this weekend, lets see if the blitz will make it to the game.

Knights @ Warriors: The Warriors get a reality check in the snake pit, but head home for some chicken noodle soup.

Renegades @ Revolution:

Raiders @ Crush:

Go vote for who you will think win the IFL and the other matchups for the week.

Re: 9-17 This Weekend @ Indiana Semi Pro Football

We've had a bad run of luck this season with a couple games getting canceled, but as long as we have players willing to play and the weather permits we'll be there. Our players are looking forward to a good game with the Vipers, have a safe trip up guys.