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2011 Season

As Football Winds down----

Wanted to make an observation (s) on the remaining football – now that I’ve cheated and seen all the teams left playing and will be at more games with a staff returning from out of state.

Tornadoes –

Wow, what a run! I’m proud to have covered this team in the spurts I have because it gives one who watches them a look at semi pro ball at its highest level of both coaching, Organization and talent.
Am I disappointed at the finish?
If I wasn’t, that would be a tell that I don’t know the potential of this squad.
The season – tournament ending loss in Oklahoma was a large eye opener, even though we couldn’t keep them open watching the game.
Say what you will of Evan Triggs, he runs a great program. The Tornadoes are indeed, one of the highest respected teams, not just in the State, in the US.
If they get everyone to return, they most certainly will run at the entire deal again, but much remains to be seen with what other teams will be around, which leagues and talent.
But hats off to The Tornadoes staff, players and fans.
They’ve gone much further than many expected, but not as far as THEY expected.
Pat Wood is a great talent and if he can get on the same page with his Wr’s, he can be unstoppable.
Pulling coaches from the Indoor ranks and keeping other heads that have experience that know the game and motivate, they will have a powerhouse for years to come.

The Generals –

Just a few years ago, this was a decent to good team with potential to get there, but falling a bit short.
Enter a new coach in JT, and since that time, they have not been out of a championship contention. Yes, talent has come here, but it’s the decision to follow the coach that has done it. They switched leagues and nothing has really changed except who is getting beaten by.
Led on the field by possibly the best in the state, Jeremy Hibblein (sp) has matured past a good QB, and become a great football player.
With a muriad of weapons, both runners and pass catchers, and a great TE, plus a great game plan, the offense is one to be reckoned with.
The defense is the most consistent in any league, in any state that I’ve seen, period, and that is no exaggeration.
Although there is a definite upswing of talent of teams, they are still head n shoulder pads above the others that line up against them.
If you were this red/white jersey, you can say your one of the best…and mean it.


First off-
I commend Troy Edwards for keeping/running the IFL this year and getting a good, well ran and competitive season this year. Thumbs up, sir…

Comes the championship and as many already know, the Wildcats are the easy pick to win it based on the season records and all….
(Insert record needle screech here)
Not so fast…

This Cutter team has exceeded ALL expectations, and I might say, even some of their own.
Little was known of them until they began quietly winning, and truth be told, I hadn’t even seen much of them until recently.
They are good.
It will be a test of making sure they are never out of position and use their speed to get outside when they run. Defensively, they were great last week. If they have any type of run stuffing like then, this could get reeeeal interesting.
The Wildcats are literally buzz sawing, but looked very human last week against a prepared Mustangs team. ( with the teams greatest announcer, thank you!)
What I like about them is the leadership you have stays composed. They have won before and so they act like they’ve been there.
However, they have not been to a ‘ship like this one.
Everyone is watching, and many are expecting.
A great O line and secondary, plus whenever you have leadership in the form of Mr. Rindone and Landry, great team aspects will follow, as they always have in this organization.
-I will actually make a prediction here though….
As much as I like the underdog in all games, I cannot go with it in this case and I will be there to see it.
Look for the Cutters to score early, and wake up the Wildcats..then it will change.

Wildcats 28
Cutters 17


It’s been an interesting ride here and I admit, more talent is there than many expected.

After reviewing the games, teams and getting allot of inside tips, I’ve got some information on the teams and playoff possibilities.

In the Indiana division, its actually pretty close.
*In the lead, we have the Renegades, who have the tie breaker over the cards after the hard fought OT win 4 weeks ago.
Aside the off field on online presence of this team, the Renegades are a very solid team. Their personality is defense with a hard nose approach that intimidates opponents and frustrates offenses. The running game is a bit hindered due to injuries, but the defense makes it tough to score points, and will capitalize if you turn it over.
They have a legitimate shot to repeat in the ship.
The player that stands out to me is the safety, #8 (I believe) who is very talented, hard hitting and smart. He controls the air ways and keeps the other players in position. What I like most about him is he never really talks, unless its with his pads.
The LB’s are a bit mouthier, but rightfully so. I like how they flow to the ball and tackle viscously soundly.
Say what you will for the ‘louder’ players and the early season stumble, .This team is in Championship form right now. They are one of the few that can only be beat if they beat themselves, or take someone too lightly.
From what I’ve been hearing, a cerebral player QB like Jeremy Bell will NOT let that happen.

*The Cardinals are an odd team, they have a similar defense in the Renegades, but a little more speed at the corner. Trouble is, this team’s success is almost entirely hinged on the QB position. Veteran Eric Adams is one of the more accurate passers to accent the fleet footed WR core they have, but have an ample back up- when he’s present.
When they are playing well, they are good, but it appears at times of trouble- they self destruct, as in the Stallions game, but other times, they play very well under adversity as they did against the Renegades when the flags were flying all around them.
Gotta love the leadership of the Martin fam, and Cory has been part of 3 very successful championship teams before, so he knows how to win.
Trust that he will be telling his teammates this in the upcoming crunch time.
Well rounded in all areas and speed, they are also a VERY legitimate shot at the crown.

*The Warriors have been marked as last years IFL’s Hitmen, looking for respect, and earned it-but got a little big headed after the win over the Reeling Revolution, allowing the Vipers to cool them off - but its not to say this team is done by a long shot!
They have a WR #12 that can truly stretch the field, and they stop the run better than most, but have a bit of trouble containing speed.
A good QB and a decent O line, they play well when they have the lead.
What I Do like is the confidence factor here, Some may say its boastful or gaudy, but honestly, what team ISNT supposed to think they are the best?
I know when I played, Id much rather line up against an opponent that DIDN’T think he could beat me, vs. the beast who knew he could.
Well coached but at times, wordy, this team does have a good chance, but they will have to catch someone sleeping to do it.
Unfortunately, no one usually hits the snooze button when the playoffs start.

*The Revolution have rewritten the book “A tale of two teams”
Weeks 1-3, the got better each week and looked to be a front runner for playoff seeding.
Now, 5 losses later, it’s not even evident they will be in the playoffs at all.
There is talent here, as #78 may be the rock that holds the defense down, and surprisingly, we haven’t seen anyone run well on them.
A fiery coach who runs on discipline if he can get his team to believe it, and we all know of the Isoms’, and the O line is spotty, but decent.
But this team has been exposed to show they cannot stop the pass.
Honestly, this is the only weakness of this team, but its cost them all their losses.
Should they learn to get this fixed, mark my words, this very 3-5 team could very likely knock out anyone else they see. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the personnel to turn it around this late.


And YES – I WILL be covering the Ohio CRFL, Wolfpack and a few other teams in the next submission; I just want to gather more information for better coverage.

Thanks guys……I’ve missed this!

Re: 2011 Season


While I highly respect who you are as a ranker it is important to give credit where credit is due. I am not our starting QB getting us all the wins. Marshall Bowman #31 has been our field General and has our passing game clicking on all cylinders. I wish I were leading the team to victory week in and week out but I am only a backup but I'll be ready for my chance when I get another one, Thanks for your kind words about our team as a whole though we appriciate it!

Re: 2011 Season

i talked to a few Generals players who said JT was not coming back next year. Is this true and if so why?

Re: 2011 Season

Jeremy Bell,

My apologies. Ill get on Frankie-who gave me the report and the film. :) I admit, Ive seen #31 ( Mr Bowman ) Play and was impressed. He played extereemley well the 3 outings ( all wins ) I saw him.

As far as Coach JT, I will allow him to report anything that would confirm or deny his coaching future.

I also have not heard anything, but rarely will report rumors even if I do. (Unless the its the rumor are about me and quitting drinking...Ill report that one till my liver learns to protest out loud )


Re: 2011 Season

when we gonna get some Ohio love????

Re: 2011 Season

Mr Ohio, and all Ohio players/Fans..

Look for the update Tuesday..I was awaiting one block of info and will be attentding a game as well...

Sorry to keep you waiting..


Re: 2011 Season

wheres your ohio report vince

Re: 2011 Season

The Hack job made me loose the data I saved,

HOWEVER!!! (in my Sherlock Holmes voice)
Ill NOT deny my Ohio boys, or the Rankings..on the way!


Re: 2011 Season

tap tap tap is this thing on ..... ohio is waiting vince well at least i am lol

Re: 2011 Season

Lol, its done, its done... just going through editing...(the wife) give me a few minutes..