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Post season Gme

We are looking for a post season game any time Oct or of after. With some crazy weather in the north this year we were not able to have our youth night. We had a game moved back a week and it did not let us fulfill our game with our area youth. I fell it is very important to us a small community, Wolfpack football is a big part of our little town. If you play us you can count on 300-400 football fans "showing respect" for any race or color. I feel we have the most respetctful fans abnd you wott have to worry about your childrnen. If you can help us out let me know we are looking at Oct 1st but could do the 8th if needed. You will have no cost

Thank You
Tom Marsh

Re: Post season Gme

Hello everyone, this is Kyle Marsh, and am Coach (Tom) Marsh's son. After my mother and I were able to get some laughs at his grammar, we figured we should correct it. Also we want to apologize as well. He was in a vehicle accident early this week, and since then has been on different pain meds, hence the spelling and grammar errors.

Anyway, he is looking to set something up with someone for a game, either October 1st or the 8th. He feels it is important for us to do something for our youth football league because the small community really backs us up. Thanks for your understanding.

Kyle Marsh

his correct phone number and email are listed below:

Re: Post season Gme

You Marsh's are some hoots! This by it self made it worth while to look through this soap opra today! LMAO!
Good luck guys!
And way to have your pop's back Kyle

Re: Post season Gme

Haha mr outlaw, you the man!