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Best DL in the IFL

Best DL in the IFL? As a whole and individual.

Re: Best DL in the IFL

Best DL in the IFL? As a whole and individual.

LMAO, I really think this is someone from my team. I'm gunna go out on a limb and say the Mustangs. They gave us trouble!

Actually saw the e-mail. #93 if that is you, you guys were pretty ballin all season. Much respect!

Re: Best DL in the IFL

Thanks Landry we try. You guys for sure had some beasts on the d-line. Also the Shamrocks had one hell of a nose tackle.

Re: Best DL in the IFL

Our D-Line I thought was very good and a lot of it had to do with the selfishness of that squad. We had a rotating D-Line which kept everyone from getting to fatigued.

1 guy I would like to point out though is #56 Kenny Shane. He was a 2 time OG starter at Michigan State, I believe in '07 and '08. Ended up playing DT and some DE for us. When healthy, this guy was one of the biggest pick ups in Wildcat history. He was a very good team player, when out and injured he still came and rooted us on in street clothes. I hope he continues to be a Wildcat in the future. Even though he played for the wrong Michigan team, its still awesome to have someone from the B1G!