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running back

who is the best running back in the state

Re: running back

Jimi Agnew Tornados
Rodney Woodall Renegades
Tommy Griffin when he plays RB Renegades
Vance Taylor #2 Vipers
Generals RB

All bascially on or around the same level of play.

Re: running back

#28 Bellue for the Wildcats had a really good year.

We started out with 2 other backs and a 39 year old. lol Those 2 backs went down and we decided we needed to find someone within.

We couldn't have asked for a better back after our tough situation. He ended up winning the championship MVP and he's probably our MVP of the last half of the season.

He's only 19, so unless he goes collegiate somewhere, the Wildcats are gunna have a solid back for awhile along with the other guys we have.

Oh and I can't forget our Full Back leading the way... #29 with his success and the OLine, we had a good combination.

Re: running back

twest and jimi agnew

Re: running back

Thanks Landry for busting my balls for being old! Lol. Belleu was a great find for sure. Helluva a player. I Couldn't have handled the full load for sure at my age. We sure had a great mix of speed & power in the backfield!