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Gameday Information

Attention ALL CRFL teams and Wolfpack team rep..

If you could, PLEASE email me with a team rep/contact information.
Since we have some very pivotal playoff implicationed games this weekend happening in different corners of the two states and some simultaneously, I'd like to set up a texting network so that each teanm can be updated with score from other games.

"Hey Vince, how it does work?"

Glad you asked!
Each HOME team (or if not available, visiting team) has the team rep text me (number will be provided) the score at each quarters end.
Each time I get a score update, I will send it out to all team reps in real time.
We did this a few years ago (some of you may remember) and it was a huge success.
Email your team rep full name, position with the team and contact number and I will email back the text number.
Email the info to BEFORE Saturday 9am, as that's when we hit the road.

Thanks and great luck to all this weekend!


Re: Gameday Information

And NO, you didnt see a camera trick in the email address above..

For those who responded to the vhack45 email address, it has been hacked and since disabled. (I always wondered if the last name would ever come back to bite me..)

Please forward emails/contacts to the for now.

If you wrote me after friday the 16th, I did not get it.

Re: Gameday Information

He also accepts text play by play too...!!!!

Hey Vince, I will send you an email this weekend. I have some late breaking news. Film at 11:00. Stay tuned!!

Re: Gameday Information

Mr Mike,

Good to hear from you. I await the breaking of new news!

(PS. Play by play now available in spanish.)