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The best O-line in CRFL?

I have been to a couple games and was just wondering what team has the best O- LIne?

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

Hard for me to judge a o-line has a whole, too many variables. A couple of notable players I have seen this year:

#79 LT Mike Biggs (Ohio Crush) Good feet for a big guy, good heart but not much stamina. If was alittle lighter & in better shape, would be a "huge" asset to the Crush. (pun intended)

#55 C/RG/LT Josh Cox (Revolution) Great footwork, loves to head hunt to the second level & making pancakes is his specialty. Sometimes attitude effects his play, but I guess that is what you get from a red head.

#60 RT Dustin Kryder (Michiana Warriors) Best O-lineman I have gone up against this season. Great kick-slide & footwork with a positive attitude. This is the only O-lineman I actually had to play chess with to beat.

I gotta throw props to the 400+lb Center & Right Guard of the Michianan Warriors. Even though they over commit on their blocks, your not going to move them. Together, they got left side A Gap on lock down! These big guys stay in the whole game & even come in on D-Line in short distance & goal line situations.

....wish we could throw all 5 of these guys on the same O-line & see what would happen.

Good Luck to all in the Play-offs!

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

I thought the cards oline was okay...

I think that big guy from the crush got a real jersey he 74 now....But i saw him at the stallions he was pretty good and stayed in the whole time.
The crush has a good center a good right tackle too.
If the vipers o-line had stayed they would have been a great running team too

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

Shoot idk. I alwayhs swore my cardinals had the best line net giving up many to any sacks maybe 2 a game if that, but idk if it was the muddy mess we played in or what but oh num1 defense yea I said it num1 defense look at thestats couldn't get to the dang qb for the force. I mean he had all day and didn't scramble. So imma say cardinals first 2nd force.

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

The cards qb scambled several times, the one I know for sure is when he leaped over one of our lb and I had a sack last week :) anyways.... I would gave to agree with Cards 85 As a whole oline I would have to say cards 1 force 2 revo 3. The toughest center I've played against was Justice of the Revolution.

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

Cupp I don't get any love? I thought we were friends.

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

yea bubba barker is the center from the crush is a beast#99,we just now got all our line playing and its was pretty awesome,all i got to say is the crush got beef and they will be pushin people out of the way in the playoffs,way different team than anyone has seen yet,im excited good luck to all teams and may u all weekend warriors stay heathy! Crush #15

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

Like I mentioned in a similar tread on here asking about the best OL, there isn't another group of men I'd want blocking up front for me than my Cardinal OL... Props to my Big Men!!!

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Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

Ok now i am just a spectator and i have seen a lot of individual talent on different teams at the O-line. I was wondering if the actual players and or coaches in the league had an all star line up like what CUPP 92# said.

Re: The best O-line in CRFL?

to force 99

yeah justice is a very good player, i can vouch for this i played in the high school all-star game with him lol. its fun playing alongside him I will tell you that. also Cupp has great insight as to individual player talents/improvements/etc. its an honor playing with #92 this season as well