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Ohio 2011

First Off, I want to apologize for the lateness, but as they say, better late then confirmed pregnant.
(That one came from dad)

In this session, Ill be covering the CRFL and the Ohio area teams I have remaining Info on.
But before I begin, I DO want to say that of the teams I watched personally, got information reported and the film we all watched, there was MUCH more talent than what we expected to see this season. Not to say that not much was expected.
There was.
But we got more than we thought we would. Great job Ohio.

Now to the teams..


The Ohio Force had high expectations this season, but blew them out of the water with a near perfect season accomplished, loosing only the last game of the year to the Cards in a downpour. I was scheduled to attend and film the game until we saw the rain would definitely impair the equipment.
Yet and still, a great year.
The Offense is steady and balanced and can score points in chunks. A tall, strong armed QB who has a surprising amount of mobility for a young man his size and reads the field very well. He has a decent gallery of wide outs to throw to that have more speed than we had imagined, in especially #5 who we saw torch a couple teams catching a short ball and pulling out all the way.
The running game they have may be the best, outside the Revo’s and is brutal when they have the lead late in games.
I love the O-line though. These guys are probably the most disciplined of all O lines we’ve seen, save the Lima Warriors, and good size. What’s best of them is that they d=go second level quite often and in 4 games we watched, we saw a total of two penalties against them.
The defense is a rare type. We’ve seen several times an opponent score first and each time, they never panicked, adjusted, and then won.
What’s odd is that this is the ONLY defense in the entire league we’ve seen that actually pick up steam as they go. It’s almost as if once they smell blood, they attack.
Credit the coaching staff that seems to game plan and make game time adjustments to fit the situation. If this keeps, regardless of the last game, this is my favorite to take the crown.

The Mad River Stallions were and somewhat still are a bit of a mystery. They’ve played extremely well down the stretch, save the Crush game, but have a great deal of talent. However, this is again, a different type of squad in HOW they get it done.
Most teams will rely specifically on talent to move the ball or stop their opponent, but this team appears to use their coaching to do it.
Playing each game somewhat appears chess like to the team and we’ve noticed them go into a game one way, but do a 360 in the middle to win it.
Some may do this at times, but this team has done it every time we’ve seen them, which makes them hard to plan for.
The player we noticed to be one of the standouts is the safety, KR #4. A lively, energetic player who has a great football mind and terrific speed.
The QB has good range and read skills while the TE seems to be more active in the offense than most teams.
The defense is extremely opportunistic, but the Crush did expose chinks in the pass defense. The teams that have fallen to them all were victims of the secondary, while the once who beat them did the opposite.
Its clear to us that the teams success relies in this area and find that they are extremely similar to the Revolution in that area. If they stop the pass, they don’t have any other glaring weaknesses.
Still, they need a stronger run game to overtake the Force.
Not to say the current one is not good, it is. But again, were talking the Force ( and add, the Crush)

SPEAKING OF THE CRUSH - well, they made a rather loud statement vs the fore mentioned Stallions two weeks. Loud enough that the entire state heard.
Lets get straight to the heart of this, the QB.
If you haven’t seen this young man, please get a ticket, it is worth it. Yes, I’m impressed.
I went to see him First when they hosted the then 3-0 revolution and watched him torch the secondary. YES, I know – many teams have, but not the way this gentlemen did. He makes great reads, throws and has what may be one of the best WR cores outside the Cards to throw to.
Early in the year, I saw film on him vs the Cards and Gades, and feared he may not make it through the season in one piece. Since then, he’s learned to get rid of the ball quickly and find the open man.
When this team also runs the ball well, this by far is the best threat to not just beat the Force; they can get to the ship.
The defense is a question mark. At times, they will simply allow nothing, and other times, the same squad allows large chunks of yardage, but have seemed to come into their own recently.
The coaching is good on this side and they have allot of energy/momentum to get on emotional highs that serve them well.
They have a great chance to take this, and will be a great team to see make it to the finals.

The Vipers Are another tale of two teams scenario.
The Focus of this team, is no surprise, Mr. Taylor, who is rumored to be going places this year, so congrats to him.
But there IS no I in team, and the team is the recent talk.
I became interested in this squad when they started the year opening day arriving minutes before the forfeit ball, then trouncing the Knights as if they’d been in pregame for two hours. They had The Force down 12-o, but since that comeback and the loss, they dropped five in a row and looked, well, bad.
Recently, they picked up the performance and began competing, most recently knocking off the Warriors at home.
Might I say, there IS more to this team than Vance Taylor, and if you played them recently, you’ll see why. Defensively, they are a bit faster than earlier in the year, but also, smarter. The run D is better, but the biggest improvement is the pass D, logging four picks in key areas the last three games.
The QB is big, and very effective if he keeps composure and honestly, in the Ohio division, they actually match up VERY well with the force for round one and the game, mark my words, will be a big surpise to some.
This team is one that once they get a lead (and they usually do, having five total first leads this year) they have the bad habit of taking their foot off the opponents neck and letting them up.
The teams special teams is probably the best in the league, save the Renegades #Mr Griffin And the explosive #12 ( I want to find this young mans name) And The Stallions #4, and will be huge as it has been all year. They have an outside chance if anyone sleeps on them.

Due to time constraints, I am aware I didn’t get to cover ALL the teams I wanted, but I will be doing another one doing so IN a few days.

I appreciate the patience you’ve all had awaiting the report, and always look to get feedback.

If you would like, please send information, requests and directions to the nearest bar in your area to the address. All ( especially the last one) will taken seriously.

Gotta hit the road now to cover the IU game. For those asking, YES, we have a team this year!!!! (now you all know why I drink!)

Hope you enjoy the above and great luck to all teams playing this weekend!!!


Re: Ohio 2011

Hey Vince what is your last name? im just curious

Re: Ohio 2011


I keep that unknown due to having a family member play in the Indiana semi pro circuit and one in PA, so I do not want anyone to think I play favoritism toward he or any of his idio..I mean good friends (kidding)

Altough I would never do such a thing, I never want tthat to overshadow what we do and overtake the point of WHY we do it.

Hope that doesnt dissappoint, but trust me...not knowing my last name isnt a big deal. My wife didnt even take it...


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Vince was you at the crush - stallions game ?

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They are the MIDWEST FORCE not Ohio!

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Yeah, like the Force have so many Force teams, we didn't know which one he meant.
Come off your period n calm down.
I like that we get some insight on teams sumtimes.
If only espn coveted us.
just kiddin