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CRFL Predictions - State Semi Finals Edition - October 8, 2011

Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Playoffs?

Here we are, football fans! THE CRFL PLAYOFFS! But before I begin, big props to Vince and his in depth report on all the CRFL teams he provided for us. It's people like that who make semi pro more enjoyable. Thanks for the quality work, Vince!

Now onto my picks!

Indiana Semi-Finals

Warriors @ Cardinals
This may be closer than a lot of folks expect. The Warriors/Shamrock merger seemed to have filled the necessary holes needed to win. Although, they only have one "quality" win over a +.500 team (Crush), the Warriors have played very competitive football this year. Don't let their 4-5-1 record fool you, remind you they started 0-3 making them 4-2-1 since. The Cardinals boast the top defense, as far as scoring goes. Points will be hard to come by for the Warriors unless they can find a hole or two. I expect this to be one hell of a game. Close, hard fought battle to the end. In a matchup of the top kickers in the CRFL, Riha's 3 FG's take Cards to Indiana Championship.

Prediction: Cardinals 23-14

Revolution @ Renegades
Deja vu. Didn't we just see this? Hopefully the Revolution didn't show the Renegades too much in their season matchup. The Renegades may be the hottest team in the CRFL. After starting 1-2, they reeled off 7 straight wins. At the same time, the Revolution started 3-0, then failed to find another win until a last week forfeit, finishing 4-6. I'm afraid the Revoluion may have too many injuries and a lack of dedication to overcome vs the defending champs. To be the man, you've gotta BEAT the man. That'll be a tough task this week for Spradlin's crew.

Prediction: Renegades 32-6

Ohio Semi-Finals

Vipers @ Force
The Vipers have had quite the season. A commanding victory in the opening week vs the Knights gave them early season hope, but finished 3-6. They definitely have the speed on both sides of the ball to be competitive, making them an outside contender in Ohio. The Force had quite the season in their own right. They reeled off 9 wins and only 1 loss, losing by a TD in a slop fest in Fort Wayne. It hasn't always been pretty, but they've found a way to win despite the circumstance. The offense is balanced and the defense has played lights out, holding 9 of 10 opponents under 14 points. The first matchup was a blowout, and this one could end in the same fashion if the Vipers don't find an answer for the #1 seed.

Prediction: Force 32-18

Crush @ Stallions
Perhaps the most intriguing matchup for several reasons. The Stallions showed most of the season they were the most consistant squad in Ohio. They have an athletic QB and above average running attack. I'd hate to think that they mailed in their regular season, but that may have been the case, for whatever reason. The Crush have looked both really good and really bad this year. Don't forget the back-to-back-to-back shutouts they had, winning 116-0. Also, don't forget the back-to-back losses that ensued. They, too, have loads of talent on both sides of the ball. This week could be the best or worst game of the playoffs. Hopefully, the Stallions show up with the team that had many believing they were the team to beat in Ohio.

Prediction: Crush 38-18

If these predictions hold true, we're in store for a great couple weeks of playoff football! Plus, we'd be looking at the following matchups.

Cardinals @ Renegades : Rematch of the game of the year, a 3OT slugfest.. This time with much more on the line than pride.

Crush @ Force : First time around was a blowout, but the Crush and Force know each other well. This time won't be as easy for the Force with the state championship on the line.

So here we go! Playoff time! Everyone is undefeated now. Throw out the regular season scores and records, none of that matters now. Time to play ball! Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Re: CRFL Predictions - State Semi Finals Edition - October 8, 2011

wanna wish all the teams good luck.should be exciting playoffs ill save my talkin for saturday at one in xenia,finally got all my boys back and gelin,ull be seein the crush,im proud to play in the cfl lets keep it clean fellas and have us some fun,peace fellas

Re: CRFL Predictions - State Semi Finals Edition - October 8, 2011

Looking forward to this kicker battle. Like the last time you bet against me vs the crush

Re: CRFL Predictions - State Semi Finals Edition - October 8, 2011

10-0 Warriors.

Re: CRFL Predictions - State Semi Finals Edition - October 8, 2011

Hard fought game.. Congrats to the Warriors.. Thanks for the respect to the player that said I was someones Mother.. Appreciate that.. Good Luck to all the teams left standing...