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CRFL Predictions

I thought I would take a stab at todays games.

Cardinals Vs Warriors

Well we will finally get to see the "Rematch" the Warriors wanted since the last time they played. I think according to one "Bryan" on their team they lost becuase the new players had not been added yet. Well today we will get to see if the "New" team fairs any better against the Cardinals of the Ft. They will throw to #12 all game so prevent him from getting receptions and its a wrap.

Cardinals 38 Warriors 6 off FG's from Ham4

Renegades Vs Revolution
The Renegades are at full power again getting all of they're injured players back. In the first game they were missing both DE's and 2 LB's so this week we will see how the Run game for the Revolution does when the Renegades are at Fullswing. Two teams going in opposite direction that starts at the top. Follow the track record of John Jackson and Jack Spradlin and this season will end just like all others for them with a losing record. Renegades win big

Vipers Vs Force
I think we all have witnessed as close to the human joystick as possible with Vance Taylor. I was one who stated here we go another RB (Isom) talking about CFL this and CFL that ya da yada. Vance on the other hand truly makes the difference in any game and any time he touches the ball its bound to either break it for a TDand ankles getting broke on the way. The vipers I would hope would compete but lack of depth will hurt them I still think that it could be close

Force 35 Vipers 21

Stallions Vs Crush
The Stallions like the Renegades Cards and Force have added ZERO players since WEEK 1 forgett week 5. Most other teams had to add players to compete which is sad in itself but The stallions are the classiest orginization of the CRFL. They do not talk crap. They are not dirty they play smash mouth Spread it out football. The Crush well we all know they added people look at the uniforms and helmets. I see some serious rule changes coming next year in the CRFL. While I would like to believe the Stallions will win they lost some key players to NCAA Football and as a result this one may turn to be the biggest one way game of the playoffs. If the stallions ball out they win otherwise the Crush/Wolfpack/Eagles win.

Crush 38 Stallions 14

There it is my personal opinion of the games. Most will be over by the kickoff of the Renegades game at 8pm so can't wait to see the scores! Good Luck to all teams. No matter if your the Vipers or the Renegades the chance is there for MAJOR upsets in week 1 will we have any?

Re: CRFL Predictions

warriors 10 to 0 good job fellas.

Re: CRFL Predictions

Mr. Prediction, could you please enlighten me as to what Eagles players suited up for the Crush, because there was only one Eagle at the game today and that was me, in the stands! We are preparing for a game in Florida, not helping to load up other teams rosters for playoff runs.