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CRFL Predictions - State Championship Edition - Oct. 15, 2011

What a weekend! Let's review...
Warriors v. Cardinals - Warriors prevail over #2 seeded Indiana Cardinals, posting an impressive 10-0 shutout.
Revolution v. Renegades - Renegades dominated Revolution in their rematch, 32-8.

Force v. Vipers - The Force scored twice on special teams and shut down the potent Viper offense, hanging a 27-0 shutout.
Crush v. Stallions - Second most surprising game of the weekend. Rebounding after a blowout at the hands of the Crush, the Stallions dropped the hammer and revenged their loss two weeks ago, 24-14.

What a weekend of games. Two of the games were surprises while the other two ended up much like we had all planned. Now on to the State Championships!

Indiana State Championship
Michiana Warriors @ Indy Renegades

There quite a bit of intrigue here in this contest. In one corner we have the Warriors, fresh off an impressive shutout over the Cardinals. The only ones who saw that coming... the Warriors. Now this week they find themselves in another dogfight. Standing in the other corner we have the defending champion Indy Renegades. Word is that their starting QB has been suspended for the remainder of the playoffs, which could bode well for the visiting Warriors. The Warriors are out to shock the CRFL, and seem to have the fire power to do just that. To be the man, you've got to beat the man.

Prediction: Warriors upset Gades, 17-16

Ohio State Championship
Stallions @ Force

When you look back at the last two matchups between the Crush and Stallions, something seems fishy. Crush dominated the Stallions two weeks ago, only to fall last week. Hopefully this was a case of good coaching and gameplanning and nothing more (outside the rule book). The Force has proven to be the dominating factor in the league all year, following up their only loss with a 27-0 victory to open the playoffs. The first time around the Force posted a 17-0 score on the Stallions. I believe the winner of this game will take the league crown.

Prediction: Force roll into title game, 27-14

The games this week should be everything we could hope for in a title game. In Indiana, we have the defending champs vs the CRFL Cinderella team, a true David v Goliath. In Ohio, we have the top 2 teams of the regular season facing off for the state crown. Let's have a good weekend of competitive football. If your team did not make it to this point, come out and show some love and support to these teams!

Good luck to everyone!

Re: CRFL Predictions - State Championship Edition - Oct. 15, 2011

No players were suspended as a result of last weeks playoffs. All players are allowed to play for all teams!

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Re: CRFL Predictions - State Championship Edition - Oct. 15, 2011

As already explained over and over He was required to SIT 4 plays NOT ejected so coach decided to put me in the game for the entire 4th qtr and sat him incase of injury. We have spoken with the officials and that is the official report. Thanks.