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Dis #4

Yall right, im not a one man team, i just love to play football & i do what i have to do to win. If my TEAM call on me they kno i will give it my all. They kno if i dont get it right the frist time u better make dame sure i will next time. Like B said its 40 of us and all 40 play like MVP on dis team. So if u wanaa see a good game come to the game sat.

Re: Dis #4

....and bring a dictionary!!!

(Damn bro... Some of us older guys haven't got all day to try and translate that!!!)

Re: Dis #4

will do just 4 u

Re: Dis #4

HUH? what the hell are you reading? Obviously you are not reading the same post I am with Bullet4 becuase it was very easy to understand exactly what he was saying. It's aite Griff people trya clown but pay them no mind bro.