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CRFL 2012

As the season winds down for 2011, planning for 2012 begins. The CRFL is asking all teams interested in joining the Crossroads Football League to fill out an New Team Application on our website at
The next league meeting will be Nov 5 and we will begin talk of applications for the 2012 season at that time.

Good luck to the Warriors, Renegades, Stallions, and the Force. Two games let to be call Champions.

Re: CRFL 2012

Will there be all star teams next year possibly?

Re: CRFL 2012

The board has discussed and would like to see an all star game for next year.
It is my personal goal to have an all star game in 2012.
I think its been too long since an local league has had an all star game. However, the final decision will have to be made by the vote member teams, because it is them who would be paying for it, unless we can pull a corporate sponsor.