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Official CRFL Title Game Prediction Thread- POST SCORE AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Indy Renegades @ Midwest Force

The CRFL season has been unlike most of us expected. A great deal of ups and downs for nearly every team that saw one of the two teams in the title game lose in week one to a team that finished 1-9. Across the league, it was an offensive explosion in a season that saw many many games that featured more than 10 total touchdowns. There was also, all things considered, a great deal of parity in the CRFL in 2011. Though the two teams in the title game are the ones most of us expected to see here, their paths to this point were anything but certain in the last few weeks of the regular season. The Renegades, with a few notable exceptions, have gotten better every week. They've overcome injuries and in-house conflict. They've scored an awful lot of points and played defense well enough to find themselves in this position. The Force come into the game with the top seed, home field advantage, and a win over their opponent back in July. All signs point to a Force win for the title.

But in the rustling leaves and cold wind of late October, July is a distant memory, and nothing is as it seems in the 2011 CRFL. The Force have won a lot of games with superior speed and favorable match-ups. The speed differential is not in their favor against the visitors this week, and the Renegades now present difficult match ups. The Renegades, too, have been here before. When the visitors score early and the Force are made to play catch-up, they'll be forced into the kind of game they're not so good at. The experience and early surge from the visitors will be enough to capture the trophy once again. Congrats to the Indy Renegades on another title campaign.

Renegades 26
Force 18


Re: Official CRFL Title Game Prediction Thread- POST SCORE AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

FORCE 25 RENEGADES 7 I won't go into detail of the finale but both teams deserved to be in this game. Force D did what they had done all season and the O made some HUGE plays when needed. Great season and hope everyone stays injury free this offseason.