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Man everyone always tryna talk bad about the CRFL like the Ifl was all that lets get some pre-season games between crfl vs ifl or the top 6 indiana teams in indiana play eachother...generals vs tornadoes...wildcats vs. renegades and wolfpack vs. cards make it a one day event...this would be great for semipro ball in Indiana. Come on owners get your teams together and stop being so scared to take an l in the pre-season...SUPA help me out i jus wanna see some good games.

Re: Pre-season

Yeah coaches and owners. Get your teams together before your season starts and let's play meaningless BS games and take chances on getting your key players hurt for the season so IDIOTS like GOAT can get his jollys!!!

Re: Pre-season

Actually, I think the original poster has exactly the right attitude. It's the kind of men who find themselves hungry to be back on the field before the first of November that are likely to be those who enjoy the most success come Summertime.

Good luck and I look forward to all the (confirmed and reliable) information about games -preseason and otherwise- in the new year.