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Indy Tornados Launch the Recruitment Center

Tornados Launch the Recruitment Center

2012 Begins Now!!! For the Tornados, the off-season has already begun and the hunt for quality talent is under way. The Recruitment Center is built exclusively for new recruits and veteran players as a resource for information concerning the off-season and the recruitment program.

There are four (4) sections of the Recruitment Center. If you are interested in finding out how to become a Tornado in 2012, please send us your information by selecting the Player Registration link. We will get you important information about the Tornados off-season program. The Important Dates link will take you to the off-season calendar that will have informational meetings, combines, off-season workouts with locations and other details. Follow the Tornados progress with the monthly Off-season Overview. See who the Tornados have signed on the New Signee’s Info. page. We will have pictures and updated information on the top recruits and veteran’s that have signed on for 2012.

The Indianapolis Tornados have made a commitment to bring in the right players that have the desire to play championship football for a professional organization. If you have questions please contact Team President, Evan Triggs.

Enter the Recruitment Center here

Evan Triggs
(317) 697-4033 (or send a text message)

Re: Indy Tornados Launch the Recruitment Center

Indy Tornados... One Goal, One Vision, One Team

Real Football for Real Players that want to play for a Real Championship... Welcome Future Tornados.