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GDFL Lands Official Uniform Supplier


Media Dept
Gridiron Developmental Football League
P.O .Box 1313
Cordova, TN 38088

Memphis,TN-G5 Force Gamewear, the sports apparel Company catering to clients in USA, Canada,and through-out the World .

The G5 Force Gamewear, has recently entered a formal agreement with Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL), a Minor Professional Football league based in Memphis Tennessee. On the 20th of October, the two parties agreed to designate G5 Force Gamewear as the league’s official uniform provider.

Inspired by the league’s mission to provide athletes the opportunity to engage in high-level sports and to introduce high-quality entertainment to the public, G5 Force Gamewear aspires to convey significant contribution by manufacturing customized football uniforms with excellent quality.

“We are keen on accomplishing goals that are ultimately in accordance with their mission. As the League’s official uniform provider, we commit ourselves to providing superior sports apparel that elevate the players’ game performance and consequently, the League itself“, stated David Smith, the Sales Director of G5 Force Game wear.

G5 Incentives Package For GDFL:

*G5 Will provide up to 55 Brand New Uniforms For the GDFL National Champion!!!!
*They will provide Discount All-Star Uniforms for League
*Also has designed a special profit sharing program in which each organization has the opportunity to earn income for their