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ifl teams?????

What team made the ifl this year????

Re: ifl teams?????

Leave it to the IFL to let everyone know whats happening.

Re: ifl teams?????

My God "Fan"... I'm sure you are ONLY a fan, and not a player. If you care so damn much, why don't you ask your league rep? Oh, wait...that would mean putting forth more effort than hopping on the ol' computer and bad mouthing people. Sorry...that's a bit too much to expect.

As I recall, the IFL doesn't just blurt shit out on this stupid site without everything being finalized. The CRFL hasn't said anything. Maybe it's just because YOU haven't asked. Too bad every league isn't like the all mighty GDFL who shoots out a press release any times someone farts.

Get over yourself...

Re: ifl teams?????

Not a player, not affiliated with a team and probably the most humble person you'll ever meet. I was stating my opinion I didn't know that wasn't allowed and where else would I state it? By the way your slamming me for using a computer but aren't you doing the same thing????