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Have Merry Christmas From the GDFL!!!!!

On behalf of our directors and myself, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays! With the New Year approaching, it is time to express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal members for their continuing support. In these times of competition, where people are constantly changing loyalties, it is really a pleasure to be able to serve the faithful group of members that comprise the Gridiron Developmental Football League. It is our members that have enable us to become the best in the industry. We are eternally thankful for your valued comments and suggestions that have helped us grow into what we are today .On this occasion of the New Year, I take this opportunity to wish each of you, your families and the members of your organization the very best in life. Here’s praying that all of life’s joys, successes and contentment be with you in the next year and looking forward to your continued support in making the GDFL the number one league in the nation. Happy Holidays from the GDFL Family!

Warm regards,

Gridiron Developmental Football League

Merry Christmas (Christ is the Reason)

Re: Have Merry Christmas From the GDFL!!!!!

Lynx Host Annual "Family Fun Night"

December 22, 2011

SJ Lynx Media Group

CAMDEN, New Jersey – For the past 9 holiday seasons, the South Jersey Lynx players, coaches and/or staff, have volunteered their time to host their annual Family Fun Night outing at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern, NJ. When the actual football season comes to an end towards the end of the year, the visit to RMH during the holidays becomes a focal point of the Lynx organization. Representatives that have participated in the outing in the past start swapping their heartfelt RMH stories amongst each other. Moments like these create everlasting memories away from the football field. Marty Cross, South Jersey Lynx owner, has participated in the Family Fun Night outing every year without hesitation. “We, as an organization, enjoy giving back to the community and supporting Ronald McDonald House for what they do all year long,” said Cross. We are proud to host a night of building gingerbread houses and decorating gingerbread men/women with the children. Cross later stated, "He shows compassion for the families that have to stay here because it has to be tough spending the holidays away from home so we make sure we take the time to spread some holiday cheer to those that may need some.”

The SJ Lynx have made a commitment to philanthropy efforts throughout the years through and for numerous organizations from physically volunteering to donating equipment to youth. The

Gingerbread Men/Women @ RMH

upcoming season is the 10th anniversary season for the SJ Lynx and going forward, the organization plans to ramp up the philanthropic agenda and be more a presence within the surrounding communities.

Ronald McDonald House is the not for profit corporation that operates their home-away-from-home for families of seriously ill children ranging from newborn to age twenty-one who must travel far from home to area hospitals for urgently needed medical care, and operates RMH Family Rooms at Southern New Jersey hospitals. Each year more than 800 families whose children need medical care stay at the House when they have traveled from the 9 southern counties of New Jersey and beyond, including 40 other states, and 28 foreign countries.

Re: Have Merry Christmas From the GDFL!!!!!

New Castle,PA-The Shenango Valley Storm of The Gridiron Developmental Football League handed out Food at Salvation Army and on Saturday we are serving food at The Solid Rock Ministries in New Castle , Pa expecting 430 people for dinner. We know how truly blessed we are stated Mike Benner.So it means the world to us to be able give back to our community, who we so proudly represent.

Re: Have Merry Christmas From the GDFL!!!!!

Charlotte,NC- Carolina Bulldogs help kids in need !!!! This family's mother was recently murdered and has 6 surviving children. The Carolina Bulldogs, and Parent Source are donating presents to the children, a Christmas tree to the family along with free parenting workshops and counseling for the children. Red Robin University has signed on as a new community partner and will help in our endeavors with the family. Im so proud of our community for stepping up in this family's time of need. If you would like to donate your companies services to help this family or donate monetarily, please go to and either contact us or click on the donate page to give. Thank you for all of your support!

Re: Have Merry Christmas From the GDFL!!!!!

Horizon doing nice things for Christmas. Todays paper 2B. Fay observer, doing community service every month until our first game in June.

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