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Day of Solidarity for Pro Minor Football

The idea of a Day of Solidarity for Pro Minor Football occurred as a result of me realizing that no matter what your league or team affiliation is there is a common thread that binds us...The love of the game and the desire to make a difference in our communities. I visualized a special day of observance once a year on the 1st day of the New Year to promote fellowship, and share experiences, we can all agree that often we travel the same roads share the same problems and issues and have the same pride in our respective organizations... Therefore, The GDFL is proclaiming January 1, 2012 Pro-Minor Football Solidarity Day if you are proud of your league affiliation I ask you to post your leagues logo as your profile picture for the day. Best of luck with your season.

Re: Day of Solidarity for Pro Minor Football

but charles, i though you said the GDIF was the best? I though it was you who said all else were second best? You even make up rankings to prove your point!

Now you want to extend an olive branch and dictate Jan 1st is "togetherness day" because you said so?

Hell No - Get Lost! and take your SPAM post with you.

Re: Day of Solidarity for Pro Minor Football

The GDFL is the best... I'd like to see who you think is - lol...?

Re: Day of Solidarity for Pro Minor Football

The GDFL has some good teams. If you listen to the guy who makes up rankings and challenges ANY team to play his champion, then yes, they are the best. In reality, he and the league are full of it. Thompson said the Cardinals would play anyone. No less than 3 teams accepted to play them and your commish was no where to be found. Tail tucked, hiding. Like I said, full of crap. At least the Tornadoes agreed to play a league champion in the Midwest bowl series. Got spanked, but at least they stepped on the field.