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GDFL Welcomes in 2012!!

The New Year a time to reflect on the past & prepare for the future. 2011 has layed the foundation to the road map of success. Three years ago a vision was born and a strategy consistent with the vision was crafted.

2012 presents a huge challenge for us as we have experienced an considerable amount of growth in such a short period of time but we are prepared for the challenge. 2012 will be the introductory year of new rules & guidelines and a firmer approach to the adherence to them. Measures necessary to operate a league of this size.

The 2011 season presented an opportunity to analyze fine tune and improve business processes we are excited about what 2012 promises. To our new organizations welcome, you are about to venture into an athletic experience like no other.

You are now apart of a family of like minded business men and women that are committed to sports excellence. To our returning teams welcome back and thank you for continuing to support the vision and contribution to the growth and stability of the Gridiron Developmental Football League. Happy New Year from the GDFL.