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wildcats vs ohio force

west central wildcats and the ohio force should set up preseason game soon!!

Re: wildcats vs ohio force

Whos the Ohio Force lol, if it were to happen it will have to be neutral site. Sorry WCW I'm not driving 3 hrs for a preseason game lol

Re: wildcats vs ohio force

I don't blame ya... I hated that drive 2 years ago. Lol

I don't know what will happen but we will most likely have 1 pre-season game, possibly 2. We've never played more than 1 pre-season game in one year. Probably has to do with money and time, which is very valuable in this level of play.

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a neutral site but I'll leave all that up to management!!

Hope everyone is rested/healed up for this up and coming season!

Re: wildcats vs ohio force

Im having a triple header May 5th in Cincinnati, I could set this up as one of my games if both sides would be interested.