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GDFL Collapses In South-22 Teams Gone

This weekend in Atlanta, 22 GDFL teams merged with the teams of the PSFL to form the NFA- the group of GDFL teams, led by Phil Lytle of the Asheville Grizzlies, includes the 2010 GDFL Champion Carolina Warriors and the Henry County Horsemen (most of the teams were from the Carolinas and Georgia).

The newly-formed post-merger NFA will still be taking applications over the next several weeks and could accomodate as many as 50 teams (there are currently 34). Teams wanting information about being part of the NFA should contact Hank Vicknair at 225-266-1087 or Kevin Dugan at 615-390-3712.

The South's football heavyweights are now ALL IN THE SAME PLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME.

The NFA regular season kicks off on Saturday, April 28.

Re: GDFL Collapses In South-22 Teams Gone

and it begins.
Congrats and best of luck NFA

Re: GDFL Collapses In South-22 Teams Gone

LMAO - Bill (I'd call you a GDFL hater if I didn't know any better...)

FYI - This is old news, Bill is leaking this bull shit as if this is "breaking news" that hit press last night. Unfortunately, these GDFL teams have been gone, since the end of the playoffs in 2011... Ashville Grizzles and Henry County got beat down by Chambersburg last year so of course (like most of yall SEMI-PRO cats) they packed their bags and went running, right into the open arms of Bill Caldwell (and his snake pit of affiliates). To each his own... On one had you got a theif, who tried and did steal money from the league and on the other you have a coward, who doesn't understand the business of Minor Pro football and would rather stay Semi-pro... Both are gone to the PSFL.

Instead of Bill putting out a press release to congradulate the teams for joining "his" league (yeah Bill Caldwell and the PSFL). He released some garbage trying to discredit the GDFL and some "Libel" bull shit about a colapse.

Congrats to the PSFL for sweeping up the garbage. And if you got something to say Bill, you got my phone number... we know, who knows the truth....

Re: GDFL Collapses In South-22 Teams Gone

what was left of the psfl most teams left before any scraps joind up, they had run the psfl into the ground;and only had 5 or so teams left and news to several of them was that they werent going to be allowed back in 2012 ohh but if youve got no teams then you can suck back up to them namely memphis its amasing what is conspired behind ones back then they smile if they can use you