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You have all heard the old saying, "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

With that being said I heard from a few of my teammates that the wolfpack must think they are just too good now days. Do they think they are good enough to win the IFL without even starting practice yet? I'll call the first big upset of the year and that will be the Thunderhawks opening up our first season with a win. Because when you mix hard work with lots of talent it can be dangerous!!

Re: Old quote

I thank you for being concerned about our team the Wolfpack. I will let you know that we do not think we are better then any teams we will play this year. We have 14 weeks before our first game and started practice 8 weeks before games each of the last 2 years. Again thank you for your concern, but we wil be prepared. I hope since I have replied to this our players will not comment about our game with them.

Tom Marsh