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Jim Allen Announced as Vice President & Public Relations Executive

The Marion County Crusaders are pleased to announce that Jim Allen has accepted the position of Vice President & Public Relations Executive.

Jim Allen is the second to none in the state when it comes to promoting organizations at this level. His resume include multiple championships between the Indiana (South Central) Cutters and Indiana Generals, and we expect no less than to add to that list.

Jim got his start in 2007 as Head Coach and President for the South Central Cutters achieving a final four berth in the Midwest Football League only to be defeated by national champions Adams Co Patriots. In 2008, the (Indiana) Cutters won the Interstate Football League. In 2009, Jim stepped down from the Cutters organization and joined the Indiana Generals as an Assistant Coach under Coach JT. The Generals went undefeated in the regular season and lost to the the Cutters by one point in the Championship Game. 2010, Jim took over the special teams and overcame the one point lost to win his second championship. In 2011, the Indiana Generals moved to the Mid States Football League and made it to their third championship game in three years but came up just short, falling to National Runner-up’s Roscoe Rush.

Jim’s impact reaches further than just the football. He has lead benefit games for David Moore, an Indianapolis Police Officer killed on duty; Chance Jackson, a football player shot 3 times at school; for the Boys & Girls Club and local food pantry of Bloomington. Jim is also active outside of football with multiple organizations and is no less a local hero himself, a firefighter for the Bloomington Township.

With Jim Allen’s experience with championship teams, expertise at building local and lasting connections to the community, and philanthropic drive, there is no doubt he is an outstanding addition to a front office that has been working tirelessly at building a first class organization.

Re: Jim Allen Announced as Vice President & Public Relations Executive

This is a typical response for some people. If my memory serves me correct the guy has done many things to help and promote semi-pro football as well as trying to give back to the local communities. It clearly says he left the Cutters for the Generals and if my math is correct he has been with the Generals for three season and I think if you ask any General player or even Coach JT they will tell you about what he has done and how hard he works. I think the choice to leave the Generals had alot to do with Coach JT stepping down. I don't care either way but to get on here and say some of these things is just not right. Maybe I'm wrong but I think JT and many others will vouch for him, I also don't think he was ever in any way connected with the Broncos from Morgan County