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Re: Preseason Rankings

I guess we will all find out about the Kitty Cats May 19th. The Tornados O n D line will dominant. I say all talk! Might just have to go watch this.

Re: Preseason Rankings

Old School who do you play for if you are going to put down a team and an individual on a very good team in Indiana? I mean what kind of player would you be if you didn't think your team could be one of the best lol It would be like "damn man my team is god awful I just cant wait to get pounded all year its going to be soo much fun!" Im sure triggs, landry, and other confident players including myself all think their team is #1 thats the only mentality to go with in any sport! Lastly these are opinions so who gives a hell if someone says there top 5 or not.. everyone has to back it up on the field in the end anyways so either accept opinions or stay off the board lol

Petre OUT