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2012 Pre-Season Fan Rankings

Yearly tradition continues,

Pre-season Fan Vote is now open until April 31 at midnight.

Vote as many times as you would like.

This poll is for entertainment only, and in the past has been about 50% correct. But this still is about the fans and player pride, of which without we would not have semi-pro football.

Go Vote Here

We are also looking for a few dedicated individuals to assist in the weekly state rankings. If you are interested, in the know about semi-pro football around this area, and willing to e-mail your rankings each Monday for the next 6 months, please e-mail us at

Re: 2012 Pre-Season Fan Rankings

95 responses so far ! 2 weeks left to vote.
Generals and Tornados lead the voting - but who rounds out the top 5 - Make sure you vote for you team!

Re: 2012 Pre-Season Fan Rankings

5 days remaining to vote - get'em in while you still can.

Re: 2012 Pre-Season Fan Rankings

Today is the last day to vote for the Fan Pre-season rankings.

Get you votes in by midnight tonight.

Re: 2012 Pre-Season Fan Rankings

Where's the results of the rankings??