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Re: On the Michigan Message Board/ Tornados

Fan, Educated you say? Then you respond with horrible spelled wrong and what is poseted? COME ON MAN!


Re: On the Michigan Message Board/ Tornados

No.....I will explain so that you will come out more educated. There is a guy that use to play here in Indy. As a matter of fact he is one of my good friends. He moved to Michigan, in my hometown. We stayed in touch. He hit me inquiring about a game 1st week of June....right after GDFL regular season schedule was released. League opening day. I checked......but it wouldn't work schedule wise. Which was agreed between me and my boy and WE let it go! We offered the May date we had but my boy said that didn't work for THEM. Now they offering a June date cause somebody got gasses up at the Enforcer game. Which is not open for us. Nobody gone dictate our schedule.....some of you out there should know that. Don't use a team from out of town to live through. Get ya weight up here! There......from the horses mouth. Hopefully you have the facts now. Cause they still ain't talkin bout our open date cause for the most part they arena team got a game that day. FACT


Re: On the Michigan Message Board/ Tornados

Hmmmm. Fan not as smart as they think!

Eye in the Sky

Re: On the Michigan Message Board/ Tornados

The Michigan thread was ended with one word.... professionalism.

Thats how we handled the Gators and that's how we'll continue to handle the scrubs on this board as well.

For the record, we never backed down nor denied any attempts to play the Gators. For the record, our original opponent for the Midwest Bowl was the Gators, they opted out.

Not sure this whole issue has one ounce of validity at this point, so I'm done.