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2012 new season new outlook

The 2012 season is fast approaching, teams are pretty much formed or close to being formed. There are some new teams and some teams trying to make it once again, semi-pro football is on the horizon in Indiana.
I thought I would throw this out here and see what people thought of what I'm thinking.
There are many teams in the Indianapolis area and everyone is trying to get sponsors and draw fans. Some teams are going to claim that others are trying to steal their ideas and sponsors and so forth but in reality it is a new season and everyone is pretty much starting over or shall we say fresh.Some will get the job done and unfortunately others will not.
Players will go from one team to another and that is just football at this level, the one thing we can and should do is WORK TOGETHER to promote the game of football. Make it a point to have a fun season and a fun year, strive to make the games fun for the fans, make it something that FAMILIES want to do on Saturday night. The old saying united we stand divided we fall is so true and we should stop and think for a minute what we could accomplish if only everyone would work for the same goal, make INDIANAPOLIS and INDIANA the semi-pro capitol for football in the Midwest. It can be done there are so many class teams that can make it happen,
WOLFPACK, TORNADOES, MUSTANGS, CUTTERS, GENERALS, WILDCATS, even a couple new teams have made some good moves already and also have some very established coaching staffs, GOOD LUCK to the NIGHTHAWKS and CRUSADERS.
I guess what I'm trying to say here is BE POSITIVE, SUPPORT EACH OTHER, ATTEND EACH OTHERS GAMES, and do all you can to make semi-pro football in Indiana THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY.
To all the players play hard and CLEAN each week, enjoy everyu down that you are on the field or sideline because you never know when you will have played your last down of football. Be there for your team, and your community.
Lastly each week as you walk onto that field remember there are many children that look up to you, that think of you as their hero and remember you are all role model so play and act as such.

Re: 2012 new season new outlook

Great comment!!

I have nothing to add other than I wish you would have posted your name. Comments like that deserve recognition and are something to add your signature to.

I will miss this season!!!

Mike K