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GDFL Release Preseason Rankings

Every time we look at anyone’s top 25, we can come to only one conclusion:

The GDFL is the most respected Minor Pro Development Football League in the Country.

I fully expect seven and maybe even eight GDFL teams in the top 10 and as many as ten or more teams in the preseason top 25. Whoever wins this League “The GDFL” they can rest assured they are the Best Minor League Football Team in the country hands down and will be the only team who can legitamally call themselves a National Champion.

Therefore, let us take a glance at our predictions for 2012 GDFL teams who have made the preseason top 25. It gives us a chance to look at some perhaps under-appreciated teams.

Who are they? Read on…
1. Chambersburg Cardinals – The defending 2011 GDFL National Champions, the Cardinals look to win their third consecutive championship. Winner of 13 League Championships

2. Inglewood Blackhawks – The 2011 LCFL/USFA Champions, the Blackhawks have been a dominate force on the West Coast winning 4 league championships.

3. Oklahoma Thunder – The 2011 GDFL Runner-up, the Thunder in 4 yrs of existence has won 3 championships. Holds a total win record of 53-1.

4. Central Penn Piranha – The 2011 MLF Champions, the Piranha have won 6 League Championships and 2 National Championships. Once held a 126 consecutive home win streak spanning 13 seasons.

5. Pacifica Islanders – The 2011 NCFL /MLFV Champions, the Islanders are currently 3-0 and have their eyes set on a GDFL National Championship in 2012. They are 2-time National Champions.

6. Greenville Seminoles - The 2011 CCFL Champions, the Seminoles claim they are the best-team in SC with 3 League Championships; their eyes are on a National title in the GDFL.

7. OKC Diamondbacks – The 2011 OMFL Champions, The Diamondbacks are coming off of back-to-back league championships and now look to become National Champions of the GDFL.

8. Fayetteville Horizon – The Horizon finished the regular season undefeated and the winners of the Patriot Division are motivated to get better and challenge for the GDFL title.

9. Hampton Road Redskins – The Redskins (formerly Hampton Rd. Hurricanes) are an explosive team with lots of talent. This 2012 season looks to be their year to make some noise. 2012 Capital Division winner.

10. South Georgia Sting –The Sting also a team that changed their name (formerly South Georgia Noles 2011 Southeast Div Champs) surprised everyone as a 1st year franchise in 2011 who jumped out the gate going undefeated and winning their Div over a veteran organization Jefferson County Warriors not once but twice proving they belong and will challenge to be the next National Champion.

11. Louisiana Bayou Vipers-The Vipers 2011 Mid-South- South Div Champs flew under the radar last year no fan fare but will return a veteran ball club that can compete with anybody in the country.

12. Indianapolis Tornados – The winner of the Central-North Division, the Tornados advanced pretty far in last seasons’ playoffs. They are looking for vengeance and win a 2nd national title.

13. Tennessee Hurricanes-Always a tough team to beat Mid-South-North Div Champs will have a chip on their shoulder after losing a heart breaking playoff game to the Indianapolis Tornadoes they are reloading for 2012 and will be a serious threat to anyone that stands in their way.

14. Carolina Venom - Well they are a new team by name only. But early reports are saying they are a combination of the Carolina Warriors GDFL 2010 National Champions and Capital City Kings 2011 Playoff contender. Well if that rumor holds true they will definitely be a contender for the GDFL National Championship. Keys to winning will be team chemistry.

15. Kentucky Wolverines-2010 GDFL Runner-up they also played in the 2011 Impact Conference Championship Game, so why are they #15, well let’s just say father time has caught up to the Wolverines.Rebuilding year.

16. Derby City Thunder-2011Ohio valley Div Champs had a great season ,the question is can they get past their arch rival Kentucky Wolverines

17. Beaufort Hornets-Always tough to beat 2011 Mid-Way South Div Champs. Keys to Winning: Need to increase Roster size and depth.

18. Virginia Lions-Another new team with Veterans? Rumor has it, this is the Virginia Cougars rebirth.Keys to Winning sticking together.

19. Georgia Jets-Jets are a very visible team, great marketing, from online media to magazines to radio, one the hardest working owners at this level and by the way they have won a 2010 SFL Championship and are the 2011 GDFL Sunbelt Div Champs so they can play. The big question is.. are the players committed as much as the ownership group? If so they should be playing for a National Championship in 2012.

20. Palmetto Havoc-Havoc will be the most improved team in the GDFL they have increased their talent level and roster size. But they must stay focused in 2012 to be successful to many mental lapses and they will be watching the Championship Game from the stands.

21. Huntsville Rockets-New team with lots of winning experience probably the most underrated team in the GDFL top 25. Most of their players & Coaches played with the Rocket City Titans who won the now defunct PSFL in 2010 also they are currently undefeated in the Spring season avg. 40pts per game so they look to be a force coming into the GDFL. Big question is… will they be, to beat up to play in the best league in the country come June 2nd.

22. Florida Falcons-Falcons flew into the 2011 playoffs barely after and up and down season but plan on improving at every position and will be a stronger at all positions in 2012

23. Buckeye Bearcats- Bearcats must remain focused & committed to be able to play in the best Pro development League in the country Keys to Winning : Stop listening to outside distractions

24. Camp Lejeune Bulldogs-Well, what can you say. They are the Marines.

25. Columbus Gladiators-Even though Gladiators won their Div in 2011 and went two the second round of the playoffs there are still questions about their toughness & determination .Keys to Winning Let your pads do the talking.