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AA Rankings for the Midwest

Hello my name is Dennis Morris. I am the Director of Rankings for the AA Leagues in the Midwest for the American Football News Today. I was wanting to let every team in the Midwest and there League's know how to get a hold of me. My E-Mail is I would appreciate it if a representative from all the teams could E-Mail me letting me know what League they are going to be playing in for the 2012 season. I will be ranking teams after 3 games have been played on 1.Over all strength of a team's league and past accomplishments. Time league has been operating is also important. 2.Point differential: Difference between points scored and allowed. I also want to note that all preseason games will count on the rankings! The web page that the rankings are going to be on is

Thanks For Your Help
Dennis Morris
Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009"
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