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Who's in Who's out

I want to take a minute and say something. Some people will get it others will do the usual thing and say someone is stirring the pot.
What I want to say is this and it goes out to everyone involved in semi-pro football, we are going into May now there have already been some teams that announced they couldn't make it this year, it saddened me to see the K.C. Mustangs fold. Please if you are not going to make it get the ugly part over and announce it now, give your players time to find a new team, give your league time to adjust the schedule, and most important give the game of football the respect it has earned over the years and deserves.
There was a post on here talking about teams having staffs set and in some cases rosters pretty well set. I know sometimes people can't see the forrest for the trees or just don't want to admit something but hey if your roster looks more like a baseball team than a football squad then maybe it is time to rethink your status for the year.
I know a big part of the problem is the fact that everyone wants to start a team and have their own team but the reality of life is there are only so many quality players to go around and there is only so much sponsor money to go around.
I think that one thing that leagues could do is if a team folds restrict those players from playing on another league team until the next season. That should keep teams from doing the merge thing and becoming one team in which the league would still lose one team and each team that was supposed to play them would lose a game that just isn't right or fair.
I'm not trying to start anything or point out anyone or any team but come guys it is May if you don't have a team yet then you really do not have a team do you.
Players take a look around at your practice and see what you have if you don't have a team maybe you should do the rethinking and find yourself a team that is ready to play football.
If ya ain't got together by May you ain't gonna get it together just saying..........