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Re: Struggling teams


When I became HC of the Madison County Chiefs, we competed in THE ORIGINAL GRFL (Grass Roots Football League). The commissioner of the GRFL was a man named Ira Johnson (father of Kevin Johnson who took over for his father and renamed the league to the FFL ~ Federal Football League. Ira was also the man behind THE ORIGINAL Indy Tornados) but I digress.

To get back on point, Ira later had an idea for a league which featured smaller roster teams and planned to call it the 'Ironman Football League'. I have not heard of Ira for quite a while but if he is still in the Indy area he might be a good person to converse with just to 'pick his brain' so to speak. Some of the things you mentioned in your reply sound remarkably similar to his proposal as I recall. Just a thought.


Re: Struggling teams

I think your idea has merit. The only thing I would criticize is the timing but even that may be irrelevant.

I say that because there are so many leagues (which I again think there are TOO MANY) that will be impacted by an effort like this. That being said though, I say that it may be irrelevant because some of these same teams will probably end of folding in mid-year which will still cause major disruptions. The bottom line, while well intended, people AND leagues that embark on this type of expansion REALLY NEED TO give more thought to creating these teams.