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EYE smell pussy, is that you EYE? LOL grow up LOL


I have nothing to do with this league or semi-pro football other than being a loyal fan. Eye in the Sky should get banned from this forum. He brings nothing but negativity to the equation and makes the entire semi-pro football world look bad. I get on here to see what games are being played so I can watch football for a low price and enjoy the great game that I unfortunately cannot play. It's a shame that one man's ignorance brings an entire sport down.

Eye in the Sky - I will pray for your mother, for you are a disgrace.


Now this is too funny. Eye see there are people on this site with no, and I mean absolutely no sense of humor. Eye think you all are the ones that need to grow up. Eye see nothing wrong with a little razing. Eye don't need you to pray for my Mother (how original is that????) She would be on here calling you a chump for letting her son get under your skin, but with that being said, Eye would get on your Mom but, well, Eye will keep it classy. You guys are seriously funny. Eye am disrespecting the game by saying someone sucks??? Eye am disrespecting the game by calling people out that really DO suck??? (or IMO suck) Eye should be banned??? C'mon Man, let's keep it 100. Eye think the players that fight at games (need I say names) should be banned! Eye think the poor examples like the idiots that go light up a Marlboro Light or a Newport right behind the stands or by the field at halftime of a game in plain view of kids should be banned. Eye think the owners that lie to their players and promise them the WORLD and can't even produce a regular season should be banned! SEMI-PRO FOOTBALL created me. Eye am your son, brother, or cousin STUPID. Some of you don't get why EYE am here. Step your game up, Cause EYE AM WATCHING! Not only EYE, but the kids in the community that look up to you and THINK some of you are role models or the Wives that painstakingly watch you play ball knowing you drink a freaking 12 pack of beer everyday or roll one up before you hit the field. Or the girlfriends that ride or die with you only to find herself asking, "Why am I here? Why is he doing this? My dude is out there getting killed because of that sorry 12 pack and a blunt guy!" Believe me, Eye have been there. My football rap sheet is pretty freakin' good and my word is SOLID. NOW if the truth warrants a ban, you may as well take the whole board down Bruh! Eye am here to check the checker! Disrespecting the game, HA! EYE AM LAUGHING that you even think that.


PS. EYE see some of you are using screen names too. I guess we are all just "KEEPING IT REAL" up in here.


Ouch, but is he wrong?