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Re: actions speak louder than words

Just to be clear, I am not affiliated to the Generals. I was only trying to give them props (As my name says - PROPS) because it seemed really cool and something that I've never heard of anyteam doing. Not saying they havent but I am fairly new to semi-pro.

As my name says - and put the email/website in case people were so inclined to look, wanted to send them to the gernerals, cause thats prob where i will play if i can and wanted to give them props. (Ever heard of copy and paste) As I always look at peoples email/website names. Some of them are quite hilarious because you can put name was I have never spoken to Generals management nor do I know any of them. However, if you want to check my email/website again on this post, yep - is what I put. Conspiracy theorists kill me.....Hey 2pac is still alive...I saw him at Kroger last week in the bread aisle. HAHAH

Re: actions speak louder than words

2Pac alive and shopping at Kroger!?! That's far fetched considering 2 Pac was a Marsh man! Lmao! Did you hear that Elvis was secretly abducted by aliens and is now planning a comeback?