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Re: bad news cardnals

And there it is......DGoodLOSS#6, you just won the ass of the year award. Get the hook out your mouth FISH! You got on the computer, and couldn't wait to see what Eye wrote about you. Get in your car seat and shut up! Eye am much to clever for you sir! You mad bro? It must be miserable playing little league ball!


Re: bad news cardnals

until you come to me like a man and not a bitch made lame thats talks shit then stfu and take yo back seat. and no you havent made me mad but to get on here and talk shit about indiana and its football is lame as hell but i guess that just fits your profile huh.. u a weak ass bitch and i hope , i hope to see you soon and real soon. Then lests see how much shit you gonna talk when you face to face wit a real man and not a computer. i have nuthin else to say to you . you are a joke to football and life period. i feel bad for whoeva spit you out cause they should b ashamed to have raised a puss

Re: bad news cardnals

Goodwin dont bother youself wit these internet thugs...they either dont play or arent a factor i hate fags that get on the net a become tuff. State ur name and if we meet during the season we can make some things happen...BITCHES

Re: bad news cardnals

I don't even know why y'all would even reply to a post written by a fagg that "can't" post his name. Chance are he on y'all pre-season schedule and don't want mouth to write him a check that his ass can't cash.