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Re: Indiana Generals Partnering with Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Man who gives a f if someone call the CEO of the Cavs????? I'm seriously over the the I'm a big guy are obviously talking about the Generals and you think that just bc you don't mention our name its you being the bigger person. I'm over all the attacks on my team from your team over what you assume is happening. You think we give a fuck you have SOME of our old players??? Who cares that jim allen is using sponsors he used with us.....they are relationships he built not the team and as far as the coach......EVERYONE that's a General is happy for coach mac.....he is a great guy and deserves the be calling the shots. You think just bc you have have tapped into some of our organization that we automatically are disgruntled......wrong! Give it up.....yes it makes for good drama but if you do not know by now people will fake shit to start shit. I don't know how many times I have tried to talk about this shit in private but just about every fucking post about this shit is someone from the crusaders office crying about the fucking generals. I already told you anything that I have a problem with I take it to the source....I have and will continue to do so. I'm a passionate and respectful person.....I hold myself to a high standard but enough is enough. I can't take anymore of it lol.

I offered to pay for a new design....I work with thousands of graphic artist and only asked you too tell me why you "knew" it was a General that called...I got nothing. But now I see a post about it.

This won't be settled bc there are too many vindictive people now days....they wont play a game either. So that is out......

So just so you know.....we are not concerned, worried or scared of what you think or even can do......we will continue to build our organization as a class act team it has been for years.