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Re: This weekend games update two indy teams was and action

Semi pro fan
Indianapolis tornados lost and ohio 14-8 but its my understanding that all there players didn't make the trip. Including there allstar kicker that they could have use because they made it to the red zone 5-6 times. Clearly the tornados could have beat this team 46-14

The Indiana Eagles played against The Cincinati Falcons this past saturday

The falcon passing attack was to much for the eagles at times. (the falcons only passed the ball to one player the whole game in he made some amazing grabs)The eagles couldnt stop the run til after half time. The eagles defense had 2ints and 1 fumble force the eagle was and the red zone once off a long sweap right. The qb for the eagles was good but took some good hits

Ps. Can somebody teach the falcon qb how to slide. Ahaha the eagles linebackers missed out on some kill hits and gave some to.

Final score falcon 28 indy eagles 0

(there were revolution, indianapolis destroyers, and nighthawk in attendance)

How many times have you sen a kicker make up 38 points? 5-6 red zone trips WITH a kicker kicking field goals is 15-18 points...wheres da rest of them comin from? Dont make excuses, make adjustments.

Re: This weekend games update two indy teams was and action

yes we miss a lot of tackles ....that why we had that game to see where we are at....we just trying work out the rust out and get better